I had always wished there would be an individual who could be trusted to come to your home and help with computer questions or help. He recently installed my new printer for me. He is kind, neat. and very understanding of questions. Just sent me a follow check on his work and gave all information I would need to contact him. I hope many will help him build his business. He is just what we need, someone that will actually come to your home office.
Carolyn Walz
Estherville, IA
Shepp's PC Repair is a very reliable repair service. Jesse is easy to talk to when explaining your problem with your computer. He has your computer repaired in no time and explains what and why he did to your computer. His service fees are affordable. Its service with a smile.
Georgia Whitehouse
Estherville, IA
What would I do with out you, Jesse? I would be very frustrated!! Since I'm limited in computer skills, it is nice to have someone with knowledge and patience just a phone call away. I really appreciate all your help. Thanks.
Jan Greig
Estherville, IA
Jesse is second to none on repairs. He is quick, efficient and so reasonable. His knowledge is top notch and spot on with the repair that you need. Thank you Jesse for all your computer help!
Tracie Lang
Armstrong, IA
I appreciate having someone local that I know and can depend on to help me. He is so knowledgeable and can help by remote support, which is great. If needed he will make a service call, or I can stop by and talk to him. Like your car mechanic if you don't know and trust them they can tell you anything, and charge you a high price. You can trust Jesse. Support the local people.
Shirley Baker
Wallingford, IA
Jesse is always available when I've needed assistance. He has fixed all of my computer issues in less than an hour and has very reasonable rates. He's friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile for his customers!! Thank you for everything you have done for me!!